Editor’s Address

The season of winter is here (Yech!) but the holidays are over (thank God!). That being said, and this being our Winter/Christmas issue, we have some presents for all of you. We have had a lot of fun coming up with games and winter activities for the kids, so be sure to check out the Kids Korner and Around the House. We also have added another menu option, our Orthodoxy section. It’s our religious section. Now, we know that a lot of people think religious stuff can be boring, but we believe that religion is the conduit of life which grounds us in the fullness of Truth as well as our very selves.

In this vein, we tried to keep this menu option interesting by highlighting the enormous treasures our ancient religious culture gives us. Thus, we have meditations about Advent and Christmas from Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, Christmas practices and traditions from around the world, and a short Christmas prayer. We have kept our regular content a little shorter in lieu of all these recent changes.

I want to add, we’re trying to grow into what we’d like to become, and we want to apologize for all the growing pains that come with that (like flooding you with content all at once). We very much appreciate all the patience you continue to have with our foibles and awkwardnesses. We want to become a resource of truth and a safe haven of joy to you all. We want to become what our tagline suggests, a peaceful place for Catholic families. Right now, though, we’re more like teenagers learning to drive for the first time, so we’re grateful that you’re here.

If you enjoy our content please remember us in your prayers this season. If you want to do anything further, you can always follow us to get our most recent updates but you can help us in a special way by sharing any of our articles you like on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platforms. You can reach others that we can’t who may also be interested in us. Viewership shows interest and expanding viewership will help us promote our site to potential future investors and donors.

I want to conclude by sharing my gratitude with you for taking the time to share in our content. You being here makes this endeavor worth all of the difficulties it takes to bring Wonder into fruition. We only hope you enjoy partaking in our creative mission as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

May God bless you now and may He grant that your prayers come to pass.

-The Editor

Psssst! If you want a little peace and quiet for a few minutes from the kiddos, check out our article, activities for kids. All but one of them are activities they can do outside! Merry Christmas!