The ABC’s of Christmas (Scavenger Hunt)

The ABCs of Christmas

As you celebrate Christmas, try to find all the ABCs of Christmas listed below. Each item is assigned a number of points. Add up the points and see what level of cheer you have by looking at the guide below. No Cheating – Santa is watching! 

A is for…

Angel (5 points)

Artificial Christmas Tree (15 points)

B is for…

Bells (1 point per bell)

Bethlehem (25 points)

Bows (1 point per bow)

C is for…

Candles (1 point per candle)

Caroller (20 points)

Creche (15 points)

D is for….

Donkey (10 points)

Drummer Boy (5 points)

December (the word) (5 points)

E is for….

Elf (15 points)

Evergreen (5 points)

F is for…

Fire (5 points)

Fruitcake (20 points)

G is for…

Garland (15 points)

Gingerbread Man (10 points)

H is for…

Hot Chocolate (5 points)

Holly (15 points)

Hoofprints (25 points)

I is for…

Icicle (5 points)

Incense (25 points)

J is for…

Jesus (30 points)

Jack-in-the-box (5 points)

K is for…

Kris Kringle (5 points)

Kings (Three Kings) (5 points per king)

L is for…

Lights (xmas) (5 points)

11 Lords a Leaping (50 points)

M is for…

Mary (10 points)

Manger (5 points) 

N is for…

Nativity (5 points)

Nutcracker (15 points)

O is for…

Ornament (5 points)

P is for…

Pointsetta (15 points)

Parcel (5 Points)

Q is for…

Quilt (5 points)

R is for…

8 Reindeer (10 points)

Rudolph (5 points)

S is for…

Sleigh (5 points)

Scrooge (20 points)

T is for…

Tree (xmas) (5 points)

Tinsel (15 points)

U is for…

Ugly Christmas Sweater (20 points)

V is for…

Visitor (1 point per visitor)

W is for…

Wreath (5 points)

Wrapping Paper (5 points)

X is for…

Xmas (the word) (10 points)

Y is for…

Yule Log (20 points)

Z is for…

Zzzzs (on the night before Christmas) (10 points)

Your Results

If you scored 550+ points, you are…

Santa!!!  You are basically the big guy himself! You spread and notice Christmas cheer wherever you go! Congrats, you have Christmas in the bag (with all of the presents).

If you scored 450 -549 points, you are…

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! You are Santa’s right hand man. You are able to see almost everything Christmas. You NOSE how to find things! 

If you got 350-449 points, you are…..

An elf! You are prepping for Christmas in style like the Jolly Ole Nicholas taught you. Keep your eyes on the prize (or in this case Presents).

If you got 250-349 points, you are…

Frosty the Snowman! Alright, you may not be the main guy at Christmas, but your still in the Christmas spirit. Your too busy trying not to melt to find all the things on our list, but our hats off to you! 

If you got 150 – 249 points, you are….

A Penguin. You just slipped into the Christmas Spirit, but your dressed in style so we’ll forgive you for not seeing more. How much can Penguins even see anyway? 

If you got 50-150 points, you are…

Jack Frost! We think you may have frozen up here, but keep trying! You’ll find Christmas cheer all around you! 

If you got 0-50 points, you are…

The Grinch! Alright, so you may not have Christmas spirit, but there’s still time! Even the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes. Keep looking and you’ll find Christmas! 

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