About Us

Who We Are:

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Andrew Beebe: Founder and Editor-in-Chief


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Colleen Beebe: Co-founder and Head of Marketing


Our Story: 

Wonder Magazine is a small mom and pop operation, for now. We curate and maintain the website and edit the articles that our writers generously submit ourselves. I had an idea to start an online literary magazine for years but it was only through the urging and support of my wife that we were finally able to bring it into a reality.

We began by doing. I researched building websites and built a shaky frame of a website, and then researched and built some more. As time went on we saw very small, almost imperceptible improvements being made, but we were getting closer, and the site was taking shape very gradually.

Between working, taking care of a new baby, and writing when we could, we put it together piece by piece. Colleen, while working full time and doing everything a new mom does, still managed, and continues to manage, to write articles, come up with new ideas, and market this site. It took a lot, and we are still learning. We know there are still many improvements left to be made (and we are working on them as we see them emerge), but here it is, as it is, for you to enjoy. We’re so glad you’re here.


Our Mission:

With the family under siege from an insane world, or even just from the necessary hectic pace of modern living, we wanted to offer a comfortable, quiet space among the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where good ideas, thoughtful insights, uplifting notions, and maybe even a little bit of joy, could be found for the entire family.

Wonder Magazine acts as a mission of creativity which springboards the reader into a wonder and awe of the world which itself then leads to a wonder of the vastness of the Divine God. The purpose of Wonder Magazine is threefold: 1. To offer a comfortable, enjoyable space online, where any member of the family can go and get something entertaining, uplifting, thought provoking, spiritual, or even just useful, to read or to look at. 2. To offer a much needed platform for Catholic artists to work. 3. To restore Catholic imagination.

Or, put in another way, the purpose and mission of Wonder Magazine is to give all who touch it a sense of the sublime. 


Our Philosophy:

And when they saw it they made known the saying which had been told them concerning this child;  and all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them.  But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.”
-Luke 2:17-19 RSV


Wonder is the gateway to Truth. It humbles the mind. When we truly wonder at something, we marvel so strongly at something outside ourselves that the thing we wonder at forces us into recognizing and accepting something greater than what we thought we already knew. In this way, Wonder Magazine, in name as well as intent, seeks to share with our readers the beauty and majesty that comes in our Catholic (meaning universal) faith which shaped the core of Western Civilization.

Wonder Magazine is a small Catholic online quarterly that focuses on all things good, true, and beautiful for the entire family to delight in. We seek to celebrate the integration of faith and beauty while still enjoying the gift of the good things of this earth.

We believe that everyone finds their solace of meaning in things that are good, true, and beautiful because those things transcendentally touch their Creator and help bring mankind back to Him. We can only find our purpose in this life through our eventual vocation; namely, the calling to rest in God in this life and the next. The things of this world that are good, true, and beautiful help people along the way to reach that final destination by elevating their senses and thoughts, reminding them of the reality that a paternal God created this world out of love for his children.

This magazine hopes to help bring everyone it touches to a sense of wonder and gratitude both of this world and the one to come while still being able to have a laugh along the way. We really hope you like the site and find some much needed rest and enjoyment while you’re here.