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What’ll it be, then?

This issue’s drink is an easy to make classic, an oldie but a goodie. With it, you’ll feel just as hip drinking with your grandpa as with your hipster friends. Sugar and bitters makes everything better, and this one has plenty of both. That was kind of a joke, we just came up with it but you can use it anytime if you want… it’ll probably go over better with your grandpa, though. The drink we’re talking about here is an

Old Fashioned

What you’ll need:

Bourbon, or Rye of your choosing, keep in mind, though, the better the quality the better the buzz,

3 shakes of Angostura Bitters (or to taste, I personally really like the taste of bitters so I use 5 shakes),

1 lump of sugar or 2 teaspoons of sugar (or to taste),


1/4 Orange slice (or a tablespoon of orange juice if you’re scrapped)

1 maraschino cherry (not necessary)


What to do next:

Put your sugar in your classy glass (classic tumbler), along with your bitters, your orange slice, your cherry and just a real small splash of water, just enough to mix the sugar in and make a little syrup on the bottom of your glass. Muddle (press on and mix) the sugar, bitters, water, orange slice, and cherry until everything mixes into a nice syrup, this will provide the base for your drink. Once you have that add your whiskey first, this is important because it will tell you just how much of everything is in your drink. Add two fingers (measured by an average sized man finger on the outside of the glass) of your Whiskey drink, then fill the cup with ice. Once you have that, fill the rest of your glass with water until your drink fills ¾ of the glass (as long as it’s a normal sized tumbler). Mix and enjoy! Goes well in any social setting, even Halloween parties or all Thanksgiving Day.

N.B. An old fashioned Old Fashioned recipe uses an orange peel (as opposed to the slice) and no cherry, the recipe is the same sans peel which is added only after the drink is made, see below.

This entire history of the Old Fashioned section was taken from, found at History of The Old Fashioned


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