The Women of Mansfield

The Women of Mansfield:
A Character Study


Elizabeth Anderson 


Vanity of vanities, poor Mariah
Beautiful, foolish, esteemed by men
Darling on earth may be eternal pariah.
(Being really the one preferred comforted her)

Julia, weak hearted, quick of temper
Too shallow for friendship, or her cousin
Carried on light currents to safety and leisure.
(It might have been as well, perhaps, if you had been in my place!)

Lady Bertram, perpetually resting
Mysteriously fatigued without exertion
Indolent though duties be loudly calling.
(Fanny, you must do something to keep me awake. I cannot work) 

Mrs. Price, equally indolent, without equal estate
Suffers as the poor relation
On wretched servants and good luck to wait.
(Servants are come to such a pass, my dear)

Meddling Aunt Norris in pride repining
Given to service to gain importance
Industriously all other’s business divining.
(She being gone with all the supernumerary jellies) 

Miss Crawford determined for worldly security
Careless, flippant, but oh such piquance!
Charming, disarming, and pitifully empty.
(A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of)

Great-souled Fanny, heroine so humble, shy, and surprising
Neither witty, nor hardy, nor with daring glance
Selfless, deep seated strength and love maintaining. 
(She was of course only too good for him)


Elizabeth Anderson is a stay at home mother and independent writer. A graduate of Christendom College, she also worked for several years at Population Research Institute. She resides in Michigan with her husband, Matthew, and their four small children.


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